Why SmartInsights?

Digital transformation has dramatically changed the relationship between brands and consumers. We now live in an on-demand economy, where the thoughts, needs and behaviors of consumers are influenced by countless brand touch points across a constantly growing digital ecosystem – all in real-time. Digitally-native challenger brands are forcing traditional brands to rethink their strategies and use technology to drive innovation, not just to manage existing processes.

There is a massive opportunity for enterprises to use analytics to predict consumer trends, identify smaller competitors early on, and act fast to gain competitive advantage.

Solve your key challenges

  • Tracking Consumer Trends: Separate Signals from Noise
    Identify viable trends vs. fads and shortlist what trends are important and worth investing in based on your industry, trend timeline and more.
  • Moving Insights to Action: Understand the WHY behind the Data & How to Action It
    Understand the driving forces behind trends to create an effective go-to-market strategy for new innovations.
  • Scaling & Adopting Insights: Apply Insights at Scale Across Your Entire Organization
    Leverage the power of AI/ML to apply insights for product development and innovation, marketing, supply chain and more.

What is SmartInsights?

SmartInsights is an analytics platform that helps consumer goods companies track consumer trends across categories to accelerate product innovation, monitor small competitors and create customer-centric messages. SmartInsights enables brands to:

  • Leverage the extensive digital and social footprint of consumers
  • Study the past and present to determine how trends develop and spread across certain categories using AI/ML
  • Foresee the needs and trends that will disrupt, transform and shape industries before they become mainstream

Key Benefits and Features


Early Mover Advantage

Identify emerging Trends & Predict the future


Innovate with Confidence

  • Differentiate trends from facts
  • Predict the Impact of the trend to improve the success rate of innovations


Brand Positioning

Track key digital influencer communities with the largest influence on the category


Know the Marketplace

Competitive Intelligence & Brands Insights


Leveraging consumer insights for product innovation

Understand how digital businesses of today can tap into insights obtained from customers to make informed and successful product innovation. This infographic looks at some interesting industry data points that re-iterate the importance of social media and analytics in innovation.

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